Birthday Traditions

By Kerrie McLoughlin Every year when I was a kid my parents would let me choose where I wanted to eat dinner out for my birthday. Another birthday tradition they kept going was to have a small party for me with family and friends, including a cookout since I have a...

Camp Choice

By Christina Katz A mistake parents can make when choosing a camp is confusing their child’s needs with their own needs. If you want your child to be happy at camp, focus on who he or she is rather than on who you were as a camper. Your goal is to create a harmonious...

Parents Ask: Talking About Violence

Q: With so many things going on in the news about kids, suicide and school violence, how do I speak to my child and what should I say? - Allison, Glendale A: As acts of violence continue to shock us and shake us to our core we, as adults, have a hard time wrapping our...

The Sugar Rush

By Dan Williams PT, BCN Sugar is everywhere. We know that sugar is bad for our weight and waistlines; so how much of the sweet stuff should we be allowing our kids to have and why? To answer this, let’s first take a look at what sugar is and how it affects the body...

Yogi Kids

By Christa Melnyk Hines Many adults swear by the ancient practice of yoga for stress relief; to improve flexibility, balance and strength; and to enhance daily focus. With playful names like downward dog, cat, cow and gorilla, yoga poses easily inspire the imagination...

Math Awareness Month

 Helping kids be math-motivated instead of math-phobic Remember the Pythagorean theorem? What about limits or polynomials? Whether we work in a math-centric profession, or not, we’re all surrounded by math every day. It might be adjusting a recipe, calculating a tip,...

Read Across America Day

How a steady diet of “Green Eggs and Ham” helps kids learn Theodor Geisel, more widely known as Dr. Seuss, knew what teachers intuitively understand – the brains of young children respond well to rhyming, rhythm and repetition. It’s part of the reason his books have...

Kids and Coding

By Michelle Talsma Everson Each semester, we encourage my 8-year-old son to pick two after-school activities to participate in. This past fall, he selected his school’s new coding club where every Thursday he and his classmates bring out their laptops, iPads and other...

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