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Science Meets Summer Fun

Treasure hunting and bug puzzles By: Jeremy Babendure, Ph.D, Executive Director, Arizona SciTech Festival Even though back-to-school will be in full swing in a few weeks, there is still time to have some summer fun with these STEM-based projects. Bug puzzles Do you...

Arizona’s Got Talent

  By Kelly Ettenborough Ready to thrash with the next punk rock star? Or hear an original piano composition from an 8 year old? Meet our rising stars who are getting ready to take on the world – while still turning in their homework on time and keeping their...

The 101 on Vaccines

By Shannon Scott, D.O., FACOFP Back-to-school time is an active period as families prepare for new experiences and adventures including new schools, friends and teachers. While preparing for the new environments, it is important to get children vaccinated to protect...

The Bilingual Advantage

By Nora Heston Tarte In the 1970s, educators used to discourage immigrant families from speaking their native tongue at home. Learning two languages simultaneously was thought to confuse children. Today, second languages are encouraged. Many studies have pointed...

Parents Ask: Move On When Reading

By Pearl Chang Esau, President & CEO of Expect More Arizona Q: I’m hearing a lot about the program Move On When Reading and its importance in third grade. My daughter is a little behind and I’m concerned. What do I need to know about this and how can I help my...

After School Fun

By Gayla Grace I was surprised at my friend’s answer when I asked if her son was trying out for the junior high football team. “No, my son is lazy. He watches TV, plays video games, or sleeps every day after school.” She didn’t encourage after school activities...

Becoming a Good Friend

By: Veronica Hunnicutt of Primrose Schools Phoenix Metro All parents hope their children will form strong and lasting friendships. We all want our children to be accepted and find friends they enjoy because these relationships are one of the most valued sources of...

Family Game Night

By Kimberly Heitzmann Summer is the time of year when families have more time to spend together. Kids are out of school, so evenings are homework free. Many after-school programs take a break for summer, which means less running around for everyone. A great way to get...



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