Social Media and Self Esteem

As told by Laurie Wolk Social media has opened a new set of problems for today’s parents. Children are no longer learning key life skills and their self-worth is often wrapped in their digital presence. It is up to parents to combat this influence in their children’s...

Fun Once the Bell Rings

By Christa Melnyk Hines After-school activities are an essential and fun way to round out your child’s overall educational experience. Integrate both structured and DIY activities that complement your child’s disposition, age and interests. “Students in these...

Healthy Competition

By Denise Morrison Yearian Competition can sharpen kids' skills and drive them to achieve their personal best. But when undue emphasis is placed on winning and excelling, it can be detrimental to a child and his relationship with others. As a result, the child may...

Parents Ask: Little Feet

Parents often report that they are not always sure what issues they should be concerned about with their children’s feet. Here, a podiatrist answers common questions posed by parents. Q: What are the most common foot problems that children have? A: We most often see...

Make the Most of the School Year

Make the Most of the School Year. The start of every school year brings excitement, nerves and anticipation. For both parents and students. There’s no shortage of things to address, including shopping for supplies, making time for meet-the-teacher night or completing all the necessary forms and paperwork.

Coping with Chronic Childhood Illness

By the American Psychological Association Parents want to protect their children and keep them safe. It can be particularly devastating to learn that your child has a chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer or juvenile arthritis. By managing your own emotions during...

Parents Ask: Stomach Aches and Pains

By Dr. Linda Lau, M.D., FAAFP Q: My daughter tends to have a lot of stomach problems. How do I know if it is just a regular stomach bug, a really bad virus, or even a parasite? Also, when should I see a doctor? A: As a parent, it’s not easy to hear your teary-eyed...

K9 Companions

Four-legged friends help kids with cancer By Nora Heston Tarte “Your child has cancer.” Nothing can prepare you for these four words. But they are the four words responsible for launching K9 Companions, a visit and placement program for assistance and therapy dogs to...

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