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Parents Ask: Autism Behavior

Q: My six-year old son is autistic and I’m having problems with his behavior. What would you recommend I do to help him? A: Behavior is a problem for many children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Because children with ASD often cannot effectively communicate...

Decoding Dyslexia

By Nora Heston Tarte As parents, we want the best for our kids. So, when Kim—a mom from Goodyear—noticed her daughter struggling in school, she was adamant about finding help. “I had to take her outside of the school for both a diagnosis and tutoring,” Kim explains of...

Celebrating Dads

By Pam Molnar We have all seen the professional athlete, who after spending thousands of hours of practice as a kid in the backyard with his dad, says “Hi Mom” to the camera while being interviewed on TV. For years, fathers have taken a backseat to their female...

Stress Free Museum Visits

By Denise Yearian Museums and science centers are a way to explore art, history and science in an educationally engaging environment. To make the most of these visits with children, consider these 10 tips: Plan ahead. Get on the museum’s website to familiarize...

Lessons From My Special Needs Child

Judy M. Miller My daughter does a flip turn at the far end of the pool. Screaming erupts among teammates, competing teams, parents and coaches as she and the swimmer next to her break the water’s surface in unison. My daughter rises higher, her arms out wide before...

Summer Learning

Beat Summer "Brain Drain", with Engaging Educational Activities School is out for summer! Children all over the state are enjoying the abundance of free time. The vacations, pool parties and trip to grandma’s are all entertaining, but the long break from school can...

Summer Getaways

Compiled by Michelle Talsma Everson School is almost out and now is the perfect time to plan a summer getaway. Whether you prefer a staycation here in the Valley or choose to drive a few hours for a more out of town experience, you won’t be disappointed with these top...

Parents Ask: Sunscreen

By Dr. Allison Kaplan   Q: “Living in Arizona, I know that sun protection is extremely important. There are so many sun screens to choose from. As a parent, what should I be looking for in the SPF number and is there a difference between the lotions and the sprays?” –...

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