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Read Across America Day

How a steady diet of “Green Eggs and Ham” helps kids learn Theodor Geisel, more widely known as Dr. Seuss, knew what teachers intuitively understand – the brains of young children respond well to rhyming, rhythm and repetition. It’s part of the reason his books have...

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Kids and Coding

By Michelle Talsma Everson Each semester, we encourage my 8-year-old son to pick two after-school activities to participate in. This past fall, he selected his school’s new coding club where every Thursday he and his classmates bring out their laptops, iPads and other...

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Immune Boost

By Christa Melnyk Hines With flu and cold season in full swing, try simple, natural strategies to help keep your child healthy and strong. These tips can also help the body fight illness more efficiently. Eat from the rainbow. During cold and flu season, it's...

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Sneaky Science

Compiled by Megan Noonan Science is all around us and sometimes we don’t even realize we are using it. We take for granted that water comes out of the faucet when we turn it on, that a light switch turns our light on and that the sun will come up in the morning. How...

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Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Judy M. Miller Valentine’s Day has grown into a mega commercial holiday. My family is somewhat burned out by the parade of holidays and celebrations by the time Valentine’s Day arrives. How much more chocolate can and should a person consume? Do we really need or...

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