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Fountain Hills Martial Arts – Warrior Camp

pin11010 N. Saguaro Blvd. #101, Fountain Hills


Warrior Camp is a 4-day, 3-night military-style camp that develops leadership, teamwork and self-confidence in kids ages 10-18.  Through activities such as land navigation, archery, knife and axe-throwing, hand-to-hand combat, capture the flag and our infamous mud pit obstacle course, campers come away with invaluable survival skills, lifelong friendships, and pride in their ability to handle themselves in challenging situations.  Led by a nine-time martial arts Hall Of Fame inductee and Filipino combat specialists, along with an expert in elite military tactics and a team of veteran counselors, Warrior Camp transforms students into leaders with a warrior Spirit who adapt, overcome and are victorious in the face of adversity. Contact us via website, phone or [email protected]




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