Throwing a Halloween party? Make sure your guests have a scary good time!

Let’s face it: Halloween is so much more than just trick-or-treating. There are the decorations, the costumes and–our personal favorite–the parties! If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, here’s how to make it the spookiest and most boo-tiful bash on the block.

Party tips so easy, it’s frightening!

Lindsay Mattson with Big Dot of Happiness, a premier party planning company, offers easy-to-follow tips for throwing a to-die-for Halloween party:

Boo-dacious Party Theme

Before you make any shopping list or party craft, you will want a Halloween party theme to focus on. From sweet little pumpkins to super scary zombies, there are plenty of theme ideas to choose from. Pick the one that best fits the guests attending the bash.

Thriller Tableware
Themed party plates and napkins are the anchor of every place setting. Mix and match vibrant chevron tableware to make your tables pop. Classic colors include black, orange, green and purple chevron.

Fang-tastic Decorations

Once you have decided on the main theme of your Halloween party, you are ready to get your craft on! Fun do-it-yourself party decorations will give your celebration that extra special touch and free printables are an easy way to add some party pizzazz.

Sweet Treats

Halloween might be about costumes and games but the one thing everyone talks about is the candy. A fun candy buffet that matches your theme is going to be everyone’s favorite. Pull accent colors from your party theme and then create an impressive selection of coordinating candies.

Wicked Good-ies

Add some substance to your treats and snacks with a homemade treat no one can resist. Push pop party favors are a versatile way to bring your snack table to life. Get clever with cake and frosting layers or search for specific Halloween recipes– You can put almost anything in a push pop container. Then dress up your Halloween favors with a custom sticker and display them at your tables.
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Halloween traditions

In addition to throwing the block’s scariest party, you can also start your own memorable Halloween traditions., the world’s largest online destination for care, compiled a list of top mom bloggers’ favorite Halloween traditions. Here are some of their favorites:

• Have a pumpkin-carving contest. 
You can also paint pumpkins, too!
• Host a spooky potluck.
• Think big—as in big decorations—especially ones the kids can help make!
• Make Halloween-themed treats.
• Don’t forget to decorate indoors! Hang pretend spider webs, put up Halloween arts and crafts, etc.

No matter how you celebrate this Halloween, remember that it’s all about having fun and enjoying time with all of your favorite ghouls and goblins. n
Michelle Talsma Everson is a mom, publicist, and freelance writer and editor. She is looking forward to taking her 4-year-old “Robot Darth Vader” trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Scary Food Allergies

According to, one in every 13 children has some sort of food allergy. To put that in perspective, that’s an average of two children per class. For kids and with food allergies and their families, holidays–especially food-centric ones like Halloween–can be stressful. To help, and other health experts offer some tips:

• Remember the basic food allergy rules you follow year-round.
• Be safe when trick or treating; for example, don’t allow younger children to carry food they’re allergic to and read all labels before children eat the candy.
• Consider skipping the candy altogether. Instead, opt for small toys or stickers.
• Create new Halloween traditions that don’t involve food your child can’t have.

Another helpful tip for parents is to discreetly let others know your child’s food allergies. For example, products like SafetyTat (, removable tattoos for kids, offer special allergy tattoos that are visible for occasions like trick-or-treating or holiday parties.



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