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Enjoying School

By Christina Katz Raising engaged students is not only the responsibility of the teachers and the administrators at your school, it’s a job that starts at home with every parent. You may have anxiety, fears, or merely first-day jitters about your child going to...

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Dig This

By Janeen Lewis Most parents want their children to get outside away from phones, TV and video games, and gardening is a great way to achieve this goal. However, recent research shows that there are several other reasons to start a garden with kids. The benefits range...

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Lessons Learned at Camp

By Janeen Lewis Ask anyone who has ever been to overnight camp about his or her experience, and you will hear endless tales of comradery, cabin mates and campfires. Many times campers will say overnight camp was the first time they rode a horse or shot a bow and arrow...

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Eating Disorders

By Gayla Grace Obsessed with every bite of food she ate, Christy's weight plummeted to 65 pounds. She chewed food for flavor and then spit it out. She wouldn't drink water for fear of bloating. Without nutrition she couldn't get out of bed, her eyes changed color, her...

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Let Them Be Wild

Kids and Animals By Nora Heston Tarte Animal interactions are great for building social skills that help children interact with others. They can also be used to teach children about other topics. “Humans are naturally drawn to animals and other living things,”...

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