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Kicking Off Kindergarten

By Christa Melnyk Hines For many parents, kindergarten signals an important transition from the all-consuming baby and toddler years. Suddenly, your "baby" is expected to make more choices on her own, stay focused over a longer period of time, learn new skills and...

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Stop Summer Brain Drain

By Janeen Lewis Summer is a magic time for kids, but according to the National Summer Learning Association, research shows that children experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. How do you combat brain-drain...

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Day Tripping

By Judy M. Miller Are the kids restless? How about you? It might be time for a change in routine or scenery. Day trips are a wonderful and often inexpensive option to family vacations, and the possibilities are endless and abound everywhere, no matter where you live....

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Parents Ask: Hydration

Q: Why is drinking water so important, especially during the summertime, and how much should we have? How can I encourage my family to drink more water? A: The human body is made up of 72% water. Water also composes 75% of your brain, 83% of your blood, 22% of your...

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