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Mom Getaways

    Take A Girls Trip To Recharge By Yvette Armendariz Tempe mom Zona Cecil fondly recalls taking a yearly girls trip. Her first escape took place when her girls were just 4 and 6. “Honestly, having complete trust in (husband) James, and the way he took care...

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Finding Camps That Fit Your Child Well

  By Cheryl Maguire   When I was younger, I only had one choice for summer camp—the town camp. The town camp was a traditional all-day 6-hour camp with a heavy emphasis on sports. I was more of a bookworm than an athlete so this type of camp was not a good...

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Mentors Make A Big Difference

      By Jessica Whitney   Big Brothers Big Sisters Needs More Volunteers Have you ever considered becoming a mentor or have charitable work on your New Year’s Resolution list? One Valley non-profit is eagerly seeking more volunteers to meet the needs of young...

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STEM Prepares Kids For The Future Job Market

  by Kimberly Blaker Many parents today never experienced a world where computers weren't a standard household fixture, let alone a world without the Internet. When the World Wide Web first became available to the public in 1991, it was archaic compared to today....

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Teaching Your Kids About Money

  By Sarah Lyons “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Another day, another dollar.” “You get what you pay for.” “Money makes the world go ‘round.” These common sayings represent good lessons about money but can be confusing for kids. It’s important to teach our kids...

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