Student CSO’s Making A Difference In AZ

  By Claire  LaBeaux Chief Science Officers (CSO) champion interest and engagement in STEM at their schools and within their communities. The program equips youth to exam their communities and schools to identify areas where they can make a difference. Students...

Make Dreams A Reality with AZ529

  College Savings Month: The Perfect Time to Save with the AZ529 Plan By Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee While it may be hard to imagine now, before you know it, your child will be a high school graduate getting ready for college. As we all know, higher education...

Introducing Education Forward Arizona

  By Diana B. Figueroa   Educational leaders in Arizona unite to boost student success When he first started college, Marcko was discouraged by feedback he got from his college advisers. They didn’t think his pursuit of a degree in criminal justice was going to...



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