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As you plan for your family’s healthcare needs, you want to give them the best care at affordable prices. Convenience is also important, particularly when providing care for your children. What if there was a place where you could find top-quality healthcare services, including everything from standard family wellness exams to specialty services to advanced imaging and even surgeries, all in one location? And what if your family could receive this high level of care, while at the same time being an indispensable part of training the healthcare teams of tomorrow?

Look no further than the Midwestern University Clinics.

Midwestern University has been a fixture of the Valley community for over 25 years. It is home to seven colleges, including the state’s largest medical school and Arizona’s first veterinary college. The University’s Glendale Campus is also home to five state-of-the-art community healthcare clinics, each of which blends patient-focused healthcare services with hands-on, immersive training for the University’s advanced students under faculty supervision–allowing community members and their families to not only receive first-rate medical care, but also to take an active part in training the next generation of healthcare professionals. Each clinic offers a complete, comprehensive solution for family care with state-of-the-art technology and facilities.

The Multispecialty Clinic is the home of Midwestern’s Family Medicine services, where families can get checkups, vaccinations, and medical care and advice from the University’s skilled faculty physicians. The Clinic also offers foot and ankle services from the University’s Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine; osteopathic manipulative medicine; and pharmaceutical consultations.

The Dental Institute and Eye Institute are two of the largest and most comprehensive clinics of their kind in the state. Each is equipped not only with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, but they also incorporate many of the specialty disciplines that families would normally have to find at a separate location via referral. Both clinics offer special pediatric areas specifically devoted and tailored to kids and their oral and eye health.

The Dental Institute offers laser dental services, which can significantly reduce discomfort and time for many oral healthcare procedures. Specialty procedures such as oral surgery, orthodontics, advanced imaging, glasses and contact lens fittings and purchasing, ocular prosthetics, and much more can all be addressed in a single location.

The Eye Institute houses over 60 exam rooms and specialty care areas, as well as optical retail services. As a full service eye and vision clinic, the Eye Institute provides comprehensive eye exams, ocular disease and dry eye management, electrodiagnostic services (ERG), ophthalmology services, and evaluations to determine the impact of acquired brain injuries (ABI) on a patient’s vision, as well as treatment plans to manage symptoms.

The Midwestern University Animal Health Institute houses the Companion Animal Clinic—the place to go to provide complete care for family pets. The friendly and compassionate faculty and students providing veterinary healthcare are trained to treat every kind of pet, from the smallest hamster to the biggest Great Dane. Next door, the Equine and Bovine Center offers services for larger animals including horses, cows, and farm animals. The Midwestern University Mobile Clinic takes veterinary care on the road, visiting rural areas where veterinary service is less available.

Midwestern University’s newest community clinic, the Therapy Institute, brings important services and advanced technology to families requiring therapeutic and rehabilitative healthcare. The Therapy Institute provides a wide array of healthcare solutions for all ages, with physical and occupational therapy, vision therapy and rehabilitation, sports vision performance training, clinical psychology, and speech-language pathology, which now also offers bilingual services.



These new services are especially important for childhood development. Vision therapy can reduce or eliminate issues that can impair a child’s ability to learn properly, particularly in an increasingly virtual environment. Speech-language pathology helps children to overcome communication issues in a helpful and compassionate environment, working at the child’s own pace. The anxiety and stress of today’s social environment can be met by caring Midwestern University clinical psychologists.

Patients at the Therapy Institute also have a unique new partner to help in their rehabilitation assessment and training: CAREN. One of less than 20 in the U.S. and only 50 worldwide, the CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) system is an immersive virtual reality environment for advanced clinical evaluation, analysis, and rehabilitation for a variety of complex, neuro-physical conditions affecting vision, balance, and physical abilities. The CAREN, with its motion capture system, is considered to be the most advanced biomechanics lab to research, train, and assess all aspects of human movement, balance, and locomotion.

This highly interactive system consists of a moving platform with an embedded, dual-belt instrumented treadmill, wrap-around projection screens, integrated motion capture system, and electromyography, which measures electrical activity in skeletal muscle to help diagnose neuromuscular disorders or provide biofeedback. These specialized features create controlled virtual environments, from walking down a forest path to steering a speedboat on a lake, navigating objects on a road, or performing your favorite sport, in which patients can interact safely and healthcare providers can obtain important kinetic and kinematic data.



The CAREN is customizable for individual patient needs, and the system is utilized at Midwestern University especially for assessment and rehabilitation of patients of all ages with brain injuries, neurological issues, physical injuries, visual skills training needs, and more. It also offers vestibular, balance, and gait assessment programs and manual propulsion for patients in wheelchairs.

Taken together, the Midwestern University Clinics offer a complete solution for families to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing. “Midwestern University has invested in this technology because of our commitment to providing the best healthcare resources for our community,” says Kaila Osmotherly, O.D., FAAO, Medical Director of the Midwestern University Therapy Institute. “Our students receive training with the most advanced tools of their profession in preparation for a successful career in healthcare, which allows us to provide comprehensive and convenient services at affordable prices in one location. We believe in patient-first care, and it is a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to our community.”

For more information on the Midwestern University Clinics, visit, or call 623-537-6000.



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