FREE Baby Swim Classes

Hubbard Family Swim Schools Valley wide locations, AZ

All three Hubbard Family Swim Schools offer FREE “baby splash” swim classes for babies 8 wks. to 5 mos. of age. These 30-minute water acclimation classes give parents or caregivers a chance to learn excellent tips on how to enjoy tub time at home with baby and also learn how to prepare baby for swim […]


Shark Frenzy

Hubbard Family Swim Schools Valley wide locations, AZ

The purpose of this new Shark Frenzy program will be to give children the opportunity to expand their swimming skills with intensive sessions, swim meets, and clinics all summer long, exclusively available to current and past Hammerhead swimmers. Shark Frenzy meets are held at the Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix and give children a […]



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