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It is the goal of every educator to prepare their students for the next step, whatever that may be. For Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers this often means preparing students to enter the workforce and embark on their career immediately following high school.

CTE professionals all over Arizona are inspiring their students and preparing them with the skills they will need to succeed. And it’s just what many students are looking for. While some youth excel at abstract thinking, others are well-suited to trouble-shoot challenges. Some may appreciate the chance to read a book on their own, while others crave interaction and teamwork.

That’s where CTE comes in. Now offered in many high school districts around Arizona, CTE offers students real-world learning and preparation for life beyond high school. It’s an opportunity for youth to discover what they’re good at and what type of profession they might pursue. More importantly, CTE students often complete high school with certifications necessary to begin their career immediately. The training that students receive is irreplaceable, and allows many to work and finance their education beyond high school, while others embark on their career immediately.

Best of all, programs are offered in many in-demand industries, including precision manufacturing, healthcare, veterinary science, automotive tech, aviation maintenance, business,  law, welding, construction and more.

There were close to 100,000 high school students enrolled in CTE classes in the 2014-15 academic year. Notably, the high school graduation rate in 2014 for students who completed at least two or more CTE classes in a row was 98 percent, far higher than the state’s overall graduation rate of 79 percent. These students are also more likely to meet performance goals for reading and math.

The advantages that CTE students receive via their hands-on learning and realistic work environments are invaluable – within the next few years, 70 percent of jobs will require training beyond high school. And not all CTE students leave high school and enter the workforce full-time – many use their training to work part-time and finance furthering their education. In fact, national data shows that more than 75 percent of high school students who tool three or more CTE courses go on to pursue postsecondary education shortly after graduating high school. It’s a win for businesses that get trained workers, as well as students, who can earn money to offset the cost of college.

If you think CTE might be right for your high-schooler, check with their school or the local JTED (Joint Technical Education District) to learn more. Many of the JTEDs even offer adult classes!


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