As Told By Yetta Gibson

For Yetta Gibson, family comes first.

“Before the mic is turned on, before the studio light switch is flipped, making sure I have a healthy family unit is key to having great days on and off the air,” Yetta says.
It will be the first holiday season for Yetta’s newest addition. Baby Eva joins the all girl clan: stepdaughter, Jayla, 11, and Slye, age 4.
“It’s like a girl group; Destiny’s Child and one dude, my husband AJ,” she says.

This year, Yetta and AJ are celebrating their 6-year wedding anniversary. They met shortly after her move to Phoenix, making several stops across the country from her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

“Family is big to me because you need strong support when you work in an industry that can uproot your life every few years,” Yetta says.
Lately, holidays have been rough. In three short years, both Yetta and her husband suddenly lost their mothers. “Every year gets slightly easier, and I’ve realized only recently that appreciating the holidays actually helps.”

Aside from getting together to eat a massive meal every year, Yetta and her husband try to celebrate every holiday differently.
“My family is in Atlanta, so there will be times I will go there and spend time with them. My husband’s family is from Phoenix, so most times we stay here to celebrate,” she explains. “Then there are years we just say, ‘lets go to Vegas,’ and the family will all meet up there.”

When Yetta’s family does stay in town, ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo is a place they will visit a few times. And when the food from the holiday feast runs out, AJ’s Fine Foods is their go-to shop for more good eats. In the Valley now for more than 10 years, Yetta has yet to take her girls on the Polar Express for Christmas, but it’s on her to-do list.
“Slye is finally at an age where can sit still and appreciate it. I’ve already prepared her. I’ve told her all about it. I’ve told her that Santa will be on there. So, she has been asking me every day since July if we are going to get on the train ‘tomorrow.’ So Polar Express is a must do this year!”

Celebrating the holidays this year will be much easier schedule- wise. Why? For starters, Yetta’s alarm clock won’t ring anymore at 2:30 a.m. She has recently launched The Now Arizona, a new trendy, buzzy afternoon news/talk show on ABC 15.

“Even though I loved doing the morning show, I’m not going to lie, it’s great to have normal hours now,” she quips. “And this show is great because I’m still able to give my viewers the information they need in the same relaxed, conversation tone as a morning show, but at 4 p.m. everyday, not 4 a.m.”

Yetta says The Now is a perfect fit. Her television career has run the gamut from news to entertainment; she’s even hosted a dating show. “I’ve worked in so many different atmospheres of television, and The Now lets me use my versatilities and put on a great show!”

The Now Arizona is a 30-minute quick hit of up-to-the minute news and trending topics happening locally and nationally. “I’ll get you caught up on what you need to know, and by now, Arizona knows that I must have a little fun while doing that,” Yetta says. “I will always make getting your news of the day interesting and make you chuckle a bit during the show.”

The Now Arizona airs weekdays at 4 p.m. on ABC 15. Learn more at