with Bailee Howell

Without a doubt one of the hottest trends that came about during the pandemic was home organization. With all that extra time on our hands most of us had the opportunity to clear out the clutter and get things just how we wanted them at home. Now that life is on the move again, chances are that the clutter is building back up.

Bailee Howell is the owner and founder of Living Precisely, a professional organizing company here in Arizona. Bailee believes and stands by the saying “a happy home is a healthy home.” When you have an organized space to come home to and a system to fall back on you gain more control over your work, family, and personal life.

The long hot days of summer are the perfect time to teach your kids the healthy life skill of getting organized; and would you believe that you can make it fun? We asked Bailee to help get us all started and to share five fun organizing projects for your kiddos to do this summer. Here is what she suggests:

  1. Go through books!

Most children have a plethora of books. Whether they receive these books as infants, presents, or as they are going into their first years of school, let’s be honest- not all these books stay an interest to them as they grow. This summer is the perfect opportunity to take the time with your child to decide which books are meaningful for them, attract their attention, or are currently being read. Once they have sorted through the books and find the ones they are willing to part with, find a local book exchange in your neighborhood or a community center where you can donate these books for the next developing child to read!

  1. Donate old clothing

Kids grow and they grow FAST! With that being said, will they still fit into their winter outfits from last year? Have they outgrown their swimsuits from the previous summer? Give your kids the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate and donate the clothing that no longer fits them. This will also create room for back-to-school shopping. To make this process enjoyable set out 3 boxes or bags and label them – Keep, Donate & Trash, and allow them to help decide which bin the clothing items belong in. (Pro tip: decorate the boxes first.)

  1. Make an arts & craft area

Arts and crafts are the perfect indoor activity for those “extreme heat” days! So, make it a project for your child to set up an art station somewhere in your home. Help them pick a spot where things can get kind of “messy” and an area where things can be put away easily. Tip: you can use 3-tiered carts to make an art cart that can be moved from one room to the other or get an old desk from a thrift store and turn it into an art station. Both these solutions can hold items like paper, paints, brushes, markers, glitter, etc.!

  1. Discover toys that no longer give joy

Toy interest comes with age and ability. Therefore, children also grow out of toys as they age. Use 1-2 days this summer to have your kiddo go through toys in their room or playroom and decide which items they continue to play with versus toys they have not touched in years. Teach them that having less items in their life allows room for new interests, joy, and knowing where all their toys belong. Donating the items can give another child the same excitement that it once gave them. This tends to help when explaining the importance of giving back and sharing.

  1. Organize baking supplies & toss out expired goods

On those hot miserable days when even the pool feels like a hot bath, get to baking indoors! But, before baking treats, perform a quick exercise to freshen up your kitchen. Do you know where all your supplies and baking goods are in your kitchen? Let this be a job for you and your child to accomplish together! Pick a cabinet in the kitchen or shelf in the pantry for all baking supplies and goods. While you are at it, teach your kiddos the importance of expiration dates and toss the expired items. Give your child the opportunity to help you tackle your overdue spring cleaning and clear out the pantry. Tip: use clear bins to hold all supplies and another clear bin for all baking goods and label them. We use “summer baking supplies/goods” a lot in many homes’ pantries.

Bailee Howell is the owner and founder of Living Precisely. Bailee graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s in dental hygiene. After many years of helping friends and family move, unpack and decorate their homes she decided to turn the passion of decluttering into a business. Bailee enjoys providing her clients with confidence, peace of mind, and a smile on their face. Living Precisely guarantees every client the opportunity to live a simplified life. Living Precisely offers services in all areas of the home, including pantries, closets, garages, offices, and more. The company can also help with organizing your daily and monthly to-do lists with the custom Living Precisely to-do list journal made by My Fit Journal. It’s time to: Declutter, Organize, Style! Connect with her at livingprecisely.com and follow her projects at on Instagram @livingprecisely and Facebook @LivingPrecisely  






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