By David Cains

The loyal, willing nature of the Arabian breed suits itself as the perfect family horse. With their affectionate personality, gentle demeanor and fondness of humans, these qualities also make Arabians a great horse for children.

Here at Stonewall Farm, Chase (a four-year-old) and his friends, have a few Arabians that they are very fond of and enjoy working with. The horses have taught Chase and his friends many important life lessons. Owning and caring for a horse teaches Chase and his friends responsibility, and helps them establish a good work ethic. Chase enjoys introducing his friends and new people to Arabian horses and showing them how to groom and care for them.

Chase and his friends are crazy about all of the horses here at Stonewall Farm but they have their favorites. Just like people, Arabian horses have their own special unique personalities. Because of the kind gentle personalities of Arabians, it is very easy for Chase and his friends to develop deep friendships with our Arabian horses. Seeing the kids get to know each horse and respect their different personalities is incredible.

Every day is a new adventure when you own an Arabian horse and can be fun and exciting for the entire family. Whether you choose to own them as pets, pleasure ride or participate in competitive showing, there is always plenty of new and exciting adventures.

Arabian horses come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit your personal taste and style. Colors to chose from include black, which is the rarest of the colors available. Bay is a brown color with a black mane and tail. Chestnut is also a popular color and can come in different varieties from a light soft orange color with a blonde mane and tail to a deep dark almost black chestnut that we call liver chestnut. Grey is also a very popular color and comes in a wide variety of shades that eventually as an adult the horse will turn white. Arabian foals are not born white so we refer to them as grey; they are born black, bay or chestnut and over time turn white. Sometimes it may take an Arabian five or six years to turn white experiencing a wide variety of silver grey colors during the transition. For added flash, your Arabian could have white socks, a white star on their forehead and maybe even a really cool white blaze.

The traits that were bred into the Arabian through ancient times created a versatile horse that is not only a beautiful breed, but also one that excels at many activities. Considered the best breed for distances, the Arabian’s superior endurance and stamina enable him to consistently win competitive trail and endurance rides. The most popular activity with all horse owners is recreational riding and the Arabian horse is no exception. The high intelligence, trainability, gentle disposition and stamina of the Arabian horse enable it to excel at a wide variety of activities popular today. Arabians are excellent on the trail as well as in the show ring. Under saddle classes in English and western pleasure riding, cutting and reining, event jumping and dressage provide opportunities for fun and enjoyment for adults and youth of all ages.

Owning Arabians is a wonderful experience the entire family can enjoy on all levels. To learn more, visit for a directory of Arabian horse farms in your area.




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