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Tips for Upcoming Election

It may seem strange to talk about voting in the middle of summer, but primary elections are right around the corner. And while voting is usually on people’s radar, the combination of work, family vacations and back-to-school prep, can make it seem overwhelming to sort...

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The Disorganized Child

By Kim Heitzmann We’ve all had moments of frustration with our children. Does it take them too long to get ready for school in the morning? Are they constantly losing their homework or forget to turn in completed work? Do they forget to do a chore immediately after...

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Overcoming Anxiety

By Adam Issacs As we finish the year, my wife and I reflect on the progress our son, Charlie, has made since starting kindergarten two years ago. In the beginning, every morning Charlie thought he was saying goodbye to us forever. His eighth day of kindergarten was...

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Avoid the Summer Slide

Contributed by the City of Tempe Librarians Every year many students suffer from what’s known as the “summer slide,” which is varying levels of learning loss that occurs once the school year ends. This makes going back to school even more of a challenge since those...

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By Colin Macpherson, M.A., CCC-SLP Children need to have good spoken language skills in order to be successful in early literacy events. Research has shown that children’s ability to tell a good story with grammatical sentences predicts later reading success. What...

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