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Youth Sports Nutrition

By Denise Morrison Yearian All children need nutritionally balanced meals for healthy growth and development. But for those involved in rigorous athletics, the needs may be even greater. To ensure your young athlete receives proper nutrition and hydration to fuel his...

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Back to School Tips

Contributed by Expect More Arizona Relatives have been visited, pool toys have been packed away and camps have closed for the season. Summer vacation is coming to a close and, as teachers all over Arizona prepare their classrooms, families are gearing up for getting...

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Vision and Hearing Screenings

By Nora Heston Tarte Hearing and vision problems in young kids often go undiagnosed. While school testing is designed to catch many ailments, kids are often suffering long before the school notices a problem or the tests aren’t designed to catch the type of hearing or...

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Museum Visits with Kids

By Denise Yearian I will never forget the first time I took my kids to an art museum. They tore through the place like it was in an indoor playground. Forget seeing the exhibits myself. All I did was chase my kids around hollering, "Wait! Don't you want to see this?"...

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